DVD Bonus Features Include:

-- Official Trailer 

- Directors Interview

- Dale Con extended cut 

- Rochdale charity dinner deleted scene

- Brian May on recording soundtrack

- Mexico sequence extended cut

- Entertainment Earth deleted scene

- Late, Great, Wyngarde uncut

- Bob Lindenmayer on original Flash Gordon ending

- Sam J Jones full prayer walk

- Brian Blessed's love triangle!

- 35th reunion featurette

   ... and more!

BluRay Bonus Features Include:

- Official Trailer

- Directors Interview

- First draft Comic Con edit

- Sam J Jones on his acting start

- Alex Ross discusses his early art

- Melody Anderson on hardest scenes to film

- Deep Roy's "Ambition" rap

- Brian May on Dino (extended)

- Blessed anecdotes!

- Topol's charity village featurette

- Renato Casaro extended edit

- 35th Anniversary Green Room insight

     .... and more!

Includes 8-page booklet!

Strong Language



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